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GeoCue + Terrasolid

Managed LIDAR Production

GeoCue + Terrasolid = A powerful LIDAR production system

GeoCue is tightly integrated right out of the box with the Terrasolid LIDAR production software suite, adding time-saving new features and robust project tracking tools to the best-in-class Terrasolid production tools. This integration immediately extends all of GeoCue’s powerful project tracking and data management tools to your LIDAR production team, creating a seamless production environment for all your projects.

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Running your Terrasolid projects in GeoCue gives you immediate visibility in to critical status and project metrics so you can be proactive in keeping projects on schedule and on budget. Data management is simplified and automated, freeing your technicians to focus on actual production work. GeoCue’s integrated batch processing system – the Command Dispatch System – immediately enhances all your TerraScan macro processing for increased throughput and control. GeoCue improves the efficiency of your Terrasolid workflows by adding:

  • Automatic navigation, viewing and editing of LIDAR data in TerraScan/MicroStation via GeoCue’s DirectDrive.
  • Work-in-progress status updates in real-time as technicians work on your projects in Terrasolid tools.
  • Work assignment and tracking tools.
  • Built-in data management tools including automatic file versioning, backup and rollback capabilities.
  • Automatic creation and management of all TerraScan/TerraMatch trajectory files for every project.
  • High-throughput parallel processing of macros via GeoCue’s integrated Command Dispatch System.
  • Full job tracking, status reporting and logging for all batch processing including automatic updating of all TerraScan/TerraSlave log files for a complete processing history.
  • Automatic email status alerts for key processing steps such as task completion or data ready for delivery.
  • Full audit history of all work done on every data file, including who, what, when and how long each task took, captured automatically in real-time.
  • Build your own custom reports on all project metrics using GeoCue’s Project Administrator tools.
  • Publish project status to GeoCue’s web portal Project Dashboard.
  • Custom workflows and checklists to match your specific processes and procedures via GeoCue’s Environment Builder.

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