GeoCue offers training in a broad range of topics and workflows for both the GeoCue and Terrasolid product lines. Depending on the content and customization required, training can be onsite or web based. We work with you to develop a training agenda that helps your staff become more efficient with the tasks you require on current and future projects.

Available Training Topics
Introduction to LIDAR
LIDAR Data Editing with TerraScan
MMS LIDAR Data Editing with TerraScan I
LIDAR Data Editing with TerraScan and TerraModeler
TerraModeler – Surface Models
TerraModeler – Breaklines
TerraModeler – Volumetrics
TerraScan: Tools and Review
TerraScan & TerraPhoto: Automatic Building Vectorization
TerraScan: Utilizing Waveform Information
Introduction to TerraMatch for Airborne Surveys
TerraMatch: Calibration Using Tie Lines
Introduction to TerraMatch for Lynx Sensor Calibration
TerraMatch: Intro to MMS Project Calibration Using Tie Lines
TScan/TMatch/TPhoto: Working with combined mobile and airborne data to Create 3D City Models
Introduction to Powerline Classification and Vectorization in TerraScan
Intermediate Powerline Classification and Vectorization in TerraScan
TerraScan: Railroad Processing Using Mobile Laser Scanner
TerraScan: Road Conditions Using Mobile Laser Scanner
TerraScan/TerraPhoto: Building Vectorization for Developing Textured City Models from Airborne LIDAR and Oblique Imagery
Introduction to TerraPhoto for Airborne Surveys
TerraPhoto – Creating Fly-thru Animations for Airborne LIDAR
Introduction to TerraPhoto for MMS Surveys
TerraPhoto – Lynx Mobile Camera Calibration Workflow
Intro to MMS Project Calibration Using Depth Points
Advanced Coloring of MMS Point Clouds

Web Based Training

GeoCue offers customized web based training for specialized topics in Terrasolid products such as TerraScan, TerraMatch, TerraPhoto, and TerraModeler.

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