GeoCue + Terrasolid

Managed LIDAR Production

GeoCue + Terrasolid = A powerful LIDAR production system

GeoCue is tightly integrated with the Terrasolid (CAD) and LP360 (GIS) LIDAR production software tools, adding time-saving new features and project tracking to these best-in-class tools. This direct integration of third-party software can be easily extended to all your production software, creating a seamless, one-stop production environment for your team.

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Process raw airborne or terrestrial scanned laser data.

TerraScan is a versatile software package for processing raw airborne or terrestrial scanned laser data (LIDAR). Operators and other users read-in trajectories and raw data points and classify them into user-defined point classes like ground, vegetation and buildings.

Besides built–in formats, like LAS and TerraScan binary, the user can defi ne his own formats for reading-in practically any ASCII-survey files. All processing routines are optimised to reach the highest performance of the workstation. This performance will be easily exceeded, if the total data is hundreds or even billions of points. In such cases you can divide the data into smaller, geographical blocks by TerraScan and automate processing by user-defined macros.

Natural combinations to TerraScan in laser data processing are TerraSlave, TerraMatch, TerraModeler and TerraPhoto from Terrasolid.

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Correct laser data points optimized for MicroStation® SE/J and V8 from Bentley Systems.

TerraMatch is a sophisticated application for correcting laser data points optimized for MicroStation® SE/J and V8 from Bentley Systems. TerraMatch compares overlapping laser strips with each other and corrects orientation parameters to obtain the best fit and improved accuracy of the laser data. The adjustment is based on measured differences between the xyz shape or the intensity of laser points from different strips. The user can decide whether TerraMatch matches all the data points or only points from selected flight lines.

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Full featured terrain modeling optimized for MicroStation® SE, J and V8 from Bentley Systems.

TerraModeler is a full featured terrain modeling application optimized for MicroStation® SE, J and V8 from Bentley Systems. It creates surface models (TIN) of ground, soil layers or design elements by reading in laser points, graphical design elements or XYZ text fi les. Versatile functions to edit TINs and display them as contours, colored nets, profi les as well as calculate volumes between TINs makes TerraModeler a powerful package for many environmental design purposes. If your current terrain modeling sotftware packages is complex to use, runs slowly or even stops due to many modeleing points, take TerraModeler!

TerraModeler is an excellent choice for:

  • Surveyors working with laser scanned data, total-station pr GPS
  • Designers in geotechnical environmental engineering
  • Architects and landscape planners
  • Contractors to calculate volumes

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Produce orthorectified images from airborne images.

TerraPhoto produces orthorectified images from airborne images. It is specifically developed to process images, which are taken during a laser-scanning mission. TerraPhoto uses TIN of ground laser points for an accurate projection model. Some known points on the ground are used only for quality control. A seamless compatibility with the other Terrasolid’s applications for laser mapping and the complete orthorectification simultaneously with laser point processing does not let you pass TerraPhoto.

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Run TerraScan macros on a remote workstation.

We at GeoCue have worked with Terrasolid to integrate the TerraScan ‘slave’ processor directly into GeoCue. TerraSlave for GeoCue allows a remote workstation to run TerraScan macros submitted to it from the user’s local machine. It eliminates the need to have a MicroStation license on the remote machine, significantly reducing software costs. Removing the MicroStation limitation also allows you to use more memory, queue more tasks and in general makes optimizing your hardware easier. TerraSlave for GeoCue allows users to easily manage multiple batch processing jobs across your network. This saves considerable time, both in processing (by parallel processing to the limits of your available hardware resources) and error control (by providing robust error trapping of single subtasks, so entire batches are not corrupted by a single failure).

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